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Feelin' the pinch: the impact of high fuel prices

By Aaron Sims
Jul 16 2008
The rising cost of fuel has put a dent in the pocketbooks of most people around Dallas County and the Ozarks, and it is affecting the way some businesses operate.

AS I SEE IT: Families need much more than current minimum

Op-ed by Spencer Barrett
Kansas City Star, Aug 1 2007

I am writing to celebrate the first installment of the new federal minimum wage increase, and to say it’s not nearly enough.

The minimum wage had been stuck at the same low level since 1996, while Congress regularly raised its own six-figure salaries, sometimes more than 10 percent at a time. Low minimum wages not only affect minimum wage workers, but drag down wage standards for everyone, particularly low-wage workers.

Business Leaders and minimum wage organizer on landslide victories

Nov 13 2006

Business leaders joined national Let Justice Roll campaign leaders and minimum wage ballot organizers from Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Montana and Ohio to analyze the historic minimum wage election victories and look ahead to future state campaigns and congressional legislation to raise the $5.15-an-hour federal minimum wage.

Landslide for Minimum Wage: what happened, what's next, analyzed in Nov. 9 teleconference

Nov 8 2006

Minimum wage hikes won in every state they were on the ballot, winning by a resounding 76 percent in Missouri, 73 percent in Montana, 69 percent in Nevada, 66 percent in Arizona, 56 percent in Ohio and 53 percent in Colorado (latest totals)

Values vote, minimum wage referenda analyzed in post-election teleconference

Nov 6 2006
State minimum wage ballot organizers (OH, MT, MO, AZ and CO); leaders of the national Let Justice Roll campaign; business leaders; and a low-wage worker will address the topics below and answer reporters' questions on a telephone press conference two days after the election:
  • What happened with state minimum wage referenda, and why?
  • How did the "values vote" impact the election?

Voters to decide on minimum wage

St. Louis Review, Nov 3 2006

Catholics from throughout the archdiocese are among those supporting a raise in the minimum wage in Missouri.

Voters will decide on the matter when they go to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

The Missouri Catholic Conference, public policy agency of the state’s bishops, also is supporting Proposition B, a measure on the ballot to raise the minimum wage in Missouri from $5.15 an hour to $6.50 an hour with increases tied to the Consumer Price Index.

Business owners, CEOs say higher minimum wage good for business

Oct 31 2006
Cleveland, OH -- Business owners, executives and venture capitalists around the nation -- including the states where minimum wage is on the ballot Nov. 7 -- are calling for a higher minimum wage to pay workers fairly, boost business and strengthen the economy.

The statement released today calls for raising the wage floor above $5.15 an hour, noting, "Minimum wage workers have less buying power than minimum wage workers had half a century ago.

Backing for a living wage

By Diane Stafford
Kansas City Star, Oct 19 2006

Earnestine Kennedy can't imagine thinking that anyone should be expected to work for $5.15 an hour.

"The cost of everything has risen since the minimum wage went up 10 years ago," said the owner and operator of Just Schooling Adult Day Care Center on Prospect Avenue.

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