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Contact:  Lara Granich
Missouri Jobs With Justice
2725 Clifton Ave
St. Louis, MO 63137
Phone: 314-640-8498

Sign the Missouri Faith Leader Letter

Dear Senators, Representatives and Governor Jay Nixon:

As leaders in our faith communities, we call on the Missouri General Assembly to protect all provisions of the current state minimum wage, including the annual cost of living adjustment, the wage of tipped employees and fair wages for young workers. These foster economic recovery for our families, our communities and our state.

Minimum Wage, Labor Investigations Targets Of Missouri Republicans

By Dave Jamieson
Huffington Post, Apr 28 2011

WASHINGTON -- Earlier this year, Missouri business leaders presented lawmakers with a six-point plan they said would bring jobs to the state during tough economic times.

Save Missouri Minimum Wage!

Mar 31 2011

Action Steps plus two great new opinion pieces on minimum wage from a St. Louis business owner and the St. Louis Jewish Light:

Lew Prince, Keep your hands off our wagesSt. Louis Post Dispatch.

Editorial, Start Sweating, St. Louis Jewish Light (also on child labor).

Demonstrators gathered in St. Louis to stand in solidarity with workers in Wisconsin

By Talia Kaplan
KSDK, Feb 27 2011
Video Link Below
St. Louis, MO - About 100 demonstrators gathered in St. Louis on Saturday to stand in solidarity with workers in Wisconsin.

While workers in Wisconsin are protesting a proposal to cut the benefits and bargaining power of Wisconsin's public unions, in Missouri local demonstrators say we have our own battle to fight, the issue of minimum wage.

Keep your hands off our wages

Op-ed by Lew Prince
St. Louis Post Dispatch, Feb 23 2011
The Republicans in the Missouri Legislature are trying to overturn the clearly expressed will of the people in order to give gigantic welfare checks to some of America's biggest corporations.

Nearly 1.6 million Missourians voted to raise the minimum wage in 2006. Only 501,657 voted against the proposition. That was a 3-to-1 margin.

Start Sweating

St. Louis Jewish Light, Feb 23 2011

Childhood is a terrible thing to waste.

Missouri minimum wage law meets different opinions

By Wes Duplantier/The Associated Press
Columbia Missourian, Jan 26 2011
JEFFERSON CITY — Missouri business owners and hourly workers voiced mixed opinions Wednesday about whether the state should change its minimum wage law.
Several business owners told a House panel that lawmakers should repeal a minimum wage law Missouri voters approved in 2006 and instead keep its minimum wage equal to the federal rate. The 2006 law provides for annual increases based on the pace of inflation in the Midwest.

Wage increase brings little change locally

By Roger Meissen
Fulton Sun, Jul 28 2009
Employees across the country started receiving more money on Friday, as the new federal minimum wage raised worker pay.

As wages increased to $7.25 nationally, Missourians will get an increase of 20 cents as it takes precedent over the state minimum wage of $7.05. Tipped employee's pay will also increase proportionately to $3.625.

Minimum wage jumps Thursday in Missouri

By Kelsey Ryan
Joplin Globe, Dec 30 2008
Though welcomed by some, a 40-cent increase in the minimum wage that takes effect Thursday in Missouri couldn’t have come at a worse time for some businesses.

Missouri’s minimum wage goes from $6.65 to $7.05 an hour as a result of state law; it will be followed by a jump to $7.25 in July as a result of federal legislation.

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