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Contact:  Nancy Holle
Community, Faith & Labor Coalition
8625 Rosewood Ln
Indianapolis, IN 46240
Phone: 317-509-7453

When I run the country, everybody who wants a job gets a job

Op-ed by Stephanie Salter
Tribune-Star, Dec 8 2007
TERRE HAUTE- One of the hardest parts of my work, one of the reasons I reluctantly accepted membership in the ranks of management last year, is the process of hiring a new employee.

I've been through the drill four times now in about 16 months.

Higher minimum wage in effect today

By Max Showalter
Journal and Courier, Jul 24 2007
An increase in Indiana's $5.15 per hour minimum wage, which takes effect today, already is reflected in the help wanted ad that has been posted by Jane Ausman-Mudawar.

But the server position at Jane's Gourmet Deli & Catering in Lafayette, which pays the new rate of $5.85 per hour, becomes more attractive than jobs at many restaurants because employees share 100 percent of the gratuities left by customers.

Time to celebrate minimum wage

Letter to the Editor
By Patti O'Callagan
Lafayette Urban Ministry
Journal and Courier , Jul 24 2007
Many of the clients we see at Lafayette Urban Ministry are working, but just don't earn enough to make ends meet.

However, today we can celebrate that the federal minimum wage increases to $5.85 an hour, and, thanks to legislation co-authored by State Rep. Joe Micon and supported by nearly all of our local legislative contingent, so will Indiana's minimum wage.

Success in Indiana

By Nancy Holle
Community, Faith & Laobr Coalition, May 10 2007
Although raising state minimum wage was a popular issue with Hoosiers, a bill to raise the wage before a federal increase was given little chance of passage. The Senate Committee Chair even told the press he didn't believe in the concept of minimum wage. However, Community, Faith and Labor Coalition's campaign to help raise Indiana's minimum wage was a success. The coordinated campaign brought a strong message from a spectrum of Indiana faith leaders to the Senate Pension and Labor Committee to hear this important bill while

Dems fear wage bill may get watered down

By Bryan Corbin
Evansville Courier Press, Apr 3 2007
Senate Democrats voiced their concern Monday that a proposed minimum wage increase might get watered down.

The Democratic senators - who number 17 compared to 33 Republicans in the Senate - reiterated their support for House Bill 1027, the minimum wage increase bill, which faces a deadline this week to get voted out of committee.

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