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Contact:  Cindia Cameron
Co-Chair, Georgia Minimum Wage Campaign & Organizing Director, 9to5
501 Pulliam St #344
Atlanta, GA 30312
Phone: 404-222-0077

Stop making this issue 
a political football; be fair to workers

Op-ed by Stephanie Coble Hankins
Atlanta Journal Constitution, Jul 28 2010
Pro & Con: Should the minimum wage be indexed for inflation?

YES: Stop making this issue a political football; be fair to workers

On top of all the problems working families face in this bleak economy, add one more: For the first time in three years the federal minimum wage won’t go up this summer.

No Happy Anniversary for Minimum Wage Workers July 24: Value of minimum wage lower than 1956; Faith, community, business coalition calls for raise

Jul 23 2010

July 24 is the anniversary of last year’s raise in the federal minimum wage and no new increases are scheduled. The minimum wage is so low today at $7.25 an hour, says the Let Justice Roll Living Wage Campaign, that it’s lower than the minimum wage of 1956, which was $8.02 adjusted for inflation. 1956 is 54 years ago.

Group aims to raise minimum wage for tipped workers

By Brandee A. Thomas
Gainesville Times, Feb 15 2010
On every shift, servers must take sometimes complex food orders, ensure that food reaches its intended destination at the proper temperature and stand on their feet for hours at a time.

For many servers, this balancing act is performed for $2.13 an hour. "Most people are probably aware that in 2007, Congress acted to raise the federal minimum wage in three steps to a modest $7.25 an hour," said Cindia Cameron, co-chairwoman of the Georgia Minimum Wage Coalition.

Group asks patrons to enjoy 'Fair Eats'

By Walter C. Jones
Athens Banner Herald, Feb 14 2010

ATLANTA - A coalition of churches and advocates for the poor wants couples to share some of their affection on Valentine's Day with the men and women who serve them their candlelit dinner.

Today is a big day for couples to plan romantic meals out, and the Georgia Minimum Wage Coalition wants them to seek restaurants that commit to pay their staff above the state and federal minimum wage. Those that do may display a sign for "Fair Eats."

Minimum wage hike kicks in, re-igniting debate

By Michael E. Kanell
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Jul 24 2009
Extra 70 cents will put squeeze on employers 
at wrong time, some critics say

The much-debated increase in the minimum wage takes effect today, putting a bit more money in the pockets of low-paid workers but adding to employers’ costs at a time when many are struggling.

In the last of three annual boosts mandated by Congress in 2007, the minimum for most workers today rises 70 cents to $7.25 an hour. The increases were the first since 1997.

Minimum wage hike affects businesses, workers

Associated Press (AP) Online Video Network, Jul 24 2009
Click title link to watch news video including Cinda Cameron, co-chair, Georgia Minimum Wage Campaign.

Minimum wage increase on Friday

By Jonathan Springston
Atlanta Progressive News, Jul 23 2009

The federal minimum wage is set to increase Friday to $7.25 per hour. The Let Justice Roll Living Wage Campaign said in a press release this week that the increase is good but not enough. Their campaign calls for a $10 minimum wage in 2010.

Over 600 faith leaders from 50 states have signed onto a letter the group plans to send to the 111th Congress later this fall. Here’s an excerpt:

Minimum wage hike could threaten low earners' jobs

By Dionne Walker
Associated Press, Jul 23 2009
ATLANTA — A federal minimum wage increase that takes effect Friday could prolong the recession, some economists say, by forcing small businesses to lay off the same workers that the pay hike passed in better times was meant to help.

The increase to $7.25 means 70 cents more an hour for the lowest-paid workers in the 30 states that have lower minimums or no minimum wage. It also means higher costs for employers who feel they've already trimmed all their operating fat.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Different views on minimum wage; Is it good business to pay workers $7.25 an hour?

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Jul 19 2009

Cindia Cameron, Organizing Director, 9to5 National Association of Working Women Co-chair, Georgia Minimum Wage Coalition

In 1938, with an unemployment rate of 19 percent, President Franklin Roosevelt said of the new minimum wage law, "The increase of national purchasing power [is] an underlying necessity of the day."
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