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Group Pushes To Increase Minimum Wage

WJZ CBS Baltimore, Jan 18 2011
Suzanne Collins explains labor and religious leaders are asking for a change in that law.

Kitchen workers often make minimum wage. So do housekeepers and store clerks. That’s $7.25 an hour, but a bill in Annapolis would raise it to $8.25 this year, to $9.10 next year and in 2013 to $10 an hour.

“We believe a job should keep people out of poverty, not in it,” said Rev. Ken Brooker-Langston.

Raising Maryland's minimum wage

ABC 2, Jan 18 2011
Progressive Maryland and several state senators are behind a movement aiming to raise the state's minimum wage over the next few years. Under the plan, the state's minimum wage would go from $7.25 an hour to $10 an hour by 2013.

John Shepley, co-owner of Emory Knoll Farms, says paying his employees more money has many advantages to him, including not having to deal with employee turn around.

Living wage laws don't hurt employers

Letter to the Editor
By Rion Dennis
Baltimore Sun, Jul 22 2010
The current bill making its way through the Baltimore City Council to require retailers with gross sales over $10 million to pay their employees a living wage is an important piece of legislation which was unnecessarily maligned by columnist Marta Mossburg ("Baltimore can't live with this 'living wage' bill," July 20).

A Step on the Path to Justice

Op-ed by Ken Brooker-Langston
Baltimore Sun, Jul 24 2009

Today, the minimum wage rises to $7.25 an hour, boosting more than 2 million hardworking employees one step up the ladder of economic opportunity.

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