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Viewpoints differ on Democrat's 10-dollar [Michigan] minimum wage proposal

By Eric English
Saginaw News, Jul 25 2009

Anthony Johnson gets $8 an hour to wash dishes part-time at a restaurant, earning a paycheck that has to stretch far to make ends meet.

"It helps out, but it don't totally pay the bills," said Johnson, 38, of Saginaw.

So Johnson says he'd support a $10-an-hour minimum wage proposal floated by the Michigan Democratic Party. The present minimum wage in Michigan is $7.40 an hour.

Restaurant Workers Nationwide Hold Actions To Increase Minimum Wage

Restaurant Opportunities Center United, Feb 18 2009

After nearly 20 years of struggling under a stagnated federal minimum wage of $2.13, thousands of restaurant workers across the country have declared "2-13" (February 13th) a National Day of Action for Tipped Workers. In seven different cities across the country, they have organized a series of public actions that will highlight the need to raise the federal minimum wage. Restaurant workers are demanding that the tipped minimum wage be raised to at least 60% of the regular minimum wage.

A Vision For All; King's battle against injustice knew no barriers

Detroit Free Press, Jan 16 2006
Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is not a black or white issue.

King was bigger than the racial walls he attempted to tear down. Remembering that may be the best way to honor his legacy on what would have been his 77th birthday.

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