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Director of Public Advocacy
Pennsylvania Council of Churches
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Harrisburg, PA 17109
Phone: 717-545-4761

Minimum wage goes up today

By Rob Gebhart
Daily American, Jun 30 2007

Minimum wage workers in Pennsylvania will receive their second raise of the year today.

On Jan. 1, minimum wage workers' pay was hiked from $5.15 to $6.25 per hour. Today, the minimum wage rises to $7.15 per hour.

Speakers Focus on Poverty Issues

By John Smith
Reading Eagle , Feb 10 2007
The Rev. Dr. Paul H. Sherry has kept his promise.

When asked about plans following his retirement as president of the United Church of Christ in 2000, Sherry vowed to make poverty his big issue.

Let Justice roll raising state minimum wages, pushing federal hike

Jul 13 2006
Washington, D.C., North Carolina and Pennsylvania are the latest states in a growing movement to raise the minimum wage for working Americans. Today, North Carolina Governor Mike Easley signed into law the bill raising the state minimum wage. Pennsylvania’s governor did the same just last Sunday.

"From Arkansas, Michigan and West Virginia to Pennsylvania and North Carolina, Americans have rejected the $5.15 an hour minimum wage as too low," said Rev. Dr.

PA Senate Minimum Wage proposal offer little benefit for PA workers

By Keystone Research Center Policy Watch
Keystone Research Center Policy Watch, Jun 20 2006
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Minimum wage rally held in Harrisburg

2006 WFMZ-TV, Jun 5 2006
Hundreds rallied in the capital rotunda Monday, calling for leadership in the State Senate to allow a vote that would raise the state's minimum wage. The Senate hasn't voted on this issue in the nine years since the last increase, while the House has passed minimum wage increases three times since then. WFMZ's Carl Madonna has more.

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Waiting on the Senate

Letter to the Editor
By Angela L. Stipe, student
Patriot News, Apr 26 2006
As a senior in high school, minimum wage jobs are my only option. It is almost funny to me (almost being the key word) that even though I am not out on my own with bills up to my eyeballs, as many minimum wage workers are, I still cannot afford many of my expenses with the current minimum wage.

Who in their right mind decided that minimum wage workers could make a living off a measly $5.15 per hour?

State Senate targets the working poor

Op-ed by Sandra L. Strauss
Patriot News, Apr 26 2006
There is a game that seems to be all the rage in Harrisburg. It involves legislators seeking to outmaneuver one another, with the winner being the one who passes the most legislation for his or her side -- or stops the most legislation on the other side.

I'm looking for a name. I considered "King of the Capital," but that implies only one gender can win. "Monarch of the Capital" just doesn't have the same ring. How about "Grand Pooh-Bah of PA"?

Raise the Minimum Wage Coalition: House Passes Minimum Wage Bill, The Senate is Next

Raise the Minimum Wage Coalition, Apr 5 2006
The State House passed HB 257 today by a vote of 146-50!! Congratulations to all of you who have worked so hard on this issue. A delegation from the Raise the Minimum Wage Coalition was in Harrisburg yesterday lobbying swing Republicans on the bill
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