North Carolina

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Contact:  George Reed
Executive Director
North Carolina Council of Churches
1307 Glenwood Avenue Suite 156
Raleigh, NC 27605-3258
Phone: 919-828-6501

How hot is it? Well, since you asked ...

By Ray Criscoe
Courier Tribune (NC), Jul 26 2010
There is some good news regarding the not only recent but apparently never-ending heat wave. Yes, good news, which you can always find if you dig deep enough. Apparently, it’s too hot even for criminals. Now it may be the heat has dazed me and I’m not seeing straight, but our law log appears to have shrunk again this week, continuing what seems to be a heat wave trend. We’ll have to get into the statistics later to see if global warming is the answer to break-ins. If there is a decline in criminal activity, there could be a number of accompanying explanations. It could be the polic

No Happy Anniversary for Minimum Wage Workers July 24: Value of minimum wage lower than 1956; Faith, community, business coalition calls for raise

Jul 23 2010

July 24 is the anniversary of last year’s raise in the federal minimum wage and no new increases are scheduled. The minimum wage is so low today at $7.25 an hour, says the Let Justice Roll Living Wage Campaign, that it’s lower than the minimum wage of 1956, which was $8.02 adjusted for inflation. 1956 is 54 years ago.

Not everyone happy as mimimum wage rises to $7.25

By John Henderson
Rocky Mount Telegram (NC), Jul 24 2009

Teleasa Ellis got a 70-cent-per-hour raise Friday, thanks to a federal increase in the minimum wage.

Ellis, who works at The Wash House Laundromat in Rocky Mount, is among the local employees who had been earning the minimum wage of $6.55 per hour who said they are grateful for the hike to $7.25.

She said it’s a struggle to get by on her salary as she pays for diabetes and heart medication.

Considering her medical bills, the 70-cent raise won’t make her life much easier, but every little bit helps, she said.

Federal minimum wage to rise on Tuesday

By Jesse J. Holland, AP Labor Writer
AP, Jul 21 2007

WASHINGTON --Fast-food waitress Fawn Townsend of Raleigh, N.C., knows exactly what she is going to do if her salary goes up with Tuesday's increase in the federal minimum wage: start saving for a car so she can find a second job to make ends meet.

"My goal personally is to get a vehicle so I can independently go back and forth to work and maybe pick up extra work so I can have that extra income, because minimum wage is not cutting it," said Townsend, who is 24 and single.

A rising wage floor

Letter to the Editor
By Barbara Zelter
Program Associate N.C. Council of Churches
Raleigh News & Observer, Nov 11 2006

A rising wage floor

In all six states with minimum wage hikes on the ballot Tuesday, these initiatives passed overwhelmingly. Not only that, each one included a cost-of-living-adjustment (COLA) provision.

Let Justice roll raising state minimum wages, pushing federal hike

Jul 13 2006
Washington, D.C., North Carolina and Pennsylvania are the latest states in a growing movement to raise the minimum wage for working Americans. Today, North Carolina Governor Mike Easley signed into law the bill raising the state minimum wage. Pennsylvania’s governor did the same just last Sunday.

"From Arkansas, Michigan and West Virginia to Pennsylvania and North Carolina, Americans have rejected the $5.15 an hour minimum wage as too low," said Rev. Dr.

Poor showing for kids

Raleigh News & Observer, Jun 30 2006

By one ranking, North Carolina has now slipped back into the bottom 10 as a tough place to be a child. Governor Easley's office in response quickly put out the news that the state's rank had been as low as 46th before he took office in early 2001.

So noted. But that sublime fact certainly means little to the estimated 455,000 youngsters living in poverty in this state, a figure that helped push North Carolina to 41st place among the states this year. Last year, this state ranked in 40th place.

Paycheck parity

Raleigh News & Observer, Jun 18 2006

Raising the federal minimum wage would correct an inequity for workers in a shrinking number of states stuck at $5.15 an hour

Rationales for raising the nation's minimum wage are stacking up like cordwood. That may help to explain the surprising momentum gathering behind efforts to increase wages for the lowest of low-skill jobs.

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