Save Missouri Minimum Wage!

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Mar 31 2011
Contact: Lara Granich, Director, Missouri Jobs With Justice
314-640-8498 , 

Action Steps plus two great new opinion pieces on minimum wage from a St. Louis business owner and the St. Louis Jewish Light:

Lew Prince, Keep your hands off our wagesSt. Louis Post Dispatch.

Editorial, Start Sweating, St. Louis Jewish Light (also on child labor).

In 2006, 76% of Missourians voted to pass Proposition B to raise the state minimum wage and adjust it annually for inflation. Now, the General Assembly threatens to repeal the Minimum Wage that Missourians voted for by removing the annual cost of living increase. That means our lowest paid workers will fall further behind every year.

The bill has already passed the House. Tell your senators and the Governor that every penny counts! Save Our Raise! 

 Sign the Faith Leader Letter if appropriate.

 Business People: Sign the Business Statement.

► Send an email to your elected representatives and tell them to OPPOSE SB 110!

► Phone calls make a difference. Call your legislators and tell them this really matters to you.
Go to to learn more and tell your legislators to OPPOSE SB 110!
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