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Charles Hallman
Jul 29 2009 Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder
On July 24, the federal minimum wage rose from $6.55 to $7.25 an hour. Most of the 10 occupations projected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics to have the largest employment growth during 2006-2016 will have disproportionately high numbers of...
Lindsay Perna
Jul 29 2009 USA Today/Religion News Service
WASHINGTON — Religious leaders and advocates, not satisfied with the 70-cent rise in the federal minimum wage that went into effect on Friday, are calling on congressional leaders to hike it up to $10 by 2010.

Even after the increase to $7.25...

Joshua A. Goldberg
Jul 29 2009 Christian Post

More than 600 faith leaders from all 50 states have endorsed a letter calling for state and federal officials to raise the minimum wage to $10 in 2010.

More than 600 faith...

Scott Mayerowitz
Jul 24 2009 ABC News

Workers in 38 States Will See Higher Paychecks Starting Today

Isaiah Reed barely gets by, working about 20 hours a week on the grill at a Nashville, Tenn., Wendy's. His...

Jul 24 2009 Democracy Now

And a rise in the minimum wage takes effect today, increasing to $7.25 an hour from $6.55 an hour. The Let Justice Roll Living Wage Campaign says today’s rate is still lower than the 1956 minimum wage of $7.93 in real...

Ken Brooker-Langston
Jul 24 2009 Baltimore Sun

Today, the minimum wage rises to $7.25 an hour, boosting more than 2 million hardworking employees one step up the ladder of economic opportunity.

The working poor needed this increase. Minimum-...

Michael E. Kanell
Jul 24 2009 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Extra 70 cents will put squeeze on employers 
at wrong time, some critics say

The much-debated increase in the minimum wage...

John Krerowicz
Jul 24 2009 Kenosha News
Some fear move will prolong recession

Today’s federal minimum wage increase is an unwanted visitor, according to restaurant owner Ken Anderson.

“This is one of the worst times it could possibly come,” said...

Jul 24 2009 Bemidji Pioneer (MN)
An economic stimulus of a different sort takes effect today, as the federal minimum wage rises from $6.55 an hour to $7.25 an hour. The move will create an extra $5.5 billion in consumer spending over the next year, Obama administration officials...
Jul 24 2009 Kansas City InfoZine
Holly Sklar is author of the report "Raise the Minimum Wage to $10 in 2010" and the book "Raise The Floor: Wages and Policies That Work For All Of Us," Sklar said yesterday: "The minimum wage is stuck in the 1950s. With the raise to $7.25, the...