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Ms. Foundation for Women
Nov 1 2010 Igniting Change Blog

For those looking for a surefire way to stimulate our national economy, Ms. Foundation grantee Let Justice Roll (LJR) has a tried and true solution to suggest: raise the minimum wage.

Nancy Folbre
Nov 1 2010 New York Times Economix

There’s no actual swordplay, but you can see flashes of steel along with sparks when economists wield their weapon of choice — statistical analysis.

One of the most dramatic...

Holly Sklar
Oct 27 2010 Let Justice Roll
Updated / Summary
  • The federal minimum wage was enacted during the Great Depression to promote economic recovery.
  • The long-term fall in worker buying power is a key reason we are in the worst economic crisis...
  • Jessica Atcheson
    Oct 7 2010 UUSC Blog

    As you may have heard by now, ...

    Oct 7 2010 The Real News Network

    Welcome to The Real News Network. I'm Paul Jay in Washington. As the November elections come ever closer, economics are at the heart of the fight. One of the questions that everyone needs to answer is: what is the cause of this...

    Public Religion Research Institute
    Oct 5 2010
    2010 American Values Survey Finds Broad Support for Increasing the Minimum Wage: More than two-thirds (67%) of the American public support increasing the minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $10.00 an hour.
    Chuck Arnold
    Sep 3 2010 Lompoc Record

    Labor Day this year is celebrated Monday, Sept. 6. The first Labor Day in the United States was celebrated on Sept. 5, 1882, in New York City. The U.S. military and...

    Holly Sklar
    Jul 29 2010 Let Justice Roll
    Raising the minimum wage does not increase unemployment in good times or bad.

    Extensive research refutes the claim that increasing the minimum wage causes increased unemployment and business closures.
    Jul 26 2010 Hammond Daily Star (La.)
    The value of minimum wage today is lower than the value of minimum wage in 1956, according to the Let Justice Roll coalition of faith, community and business organizations.

    The decline in worker buying power is one of the reasons...

    Diane Stafford
    Jul 24 2010 Kansas City Star

    Today, July 24, is the date that last...