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Lake Research Partners
Jun 7 2011
The public overwhelmingly supports raising the minimum wage and that support is reinforced in the current weak recovery. The public intuitively understands the minimum wage and consistently strongly approves of efforts to raise it by large...
Jun 1 2011
Read the Research Summaries by the National Employment Law Project or the Full Studies by Arindrajit Dube, William Lester and Michael Reich and by Sylvia Allegretto, Arindrajit Dube and Michael Reich.
Mar 27 2011 New York Times
As the nation grapples with a jobs crisis and unemployment hovers near 9 percent, it is easy for policy makers to forget the plight of those who work but earn very little. There are about 4.4 million workers earning the minimum wage or less,...
Center for Economic and Policy Research
Mar 22 2011

Washington, DC – City...

Andrew Damstedt
Mar 16 2011 The Sentinel (Maryland)
A job creator or a job killer is the debate circling two bills that would raise the minimum wage.

A bill backed by Rep. Donna Edwards, D-Fort Washington, in Congress would raise the minimum wage for tipped employees, while...
Feb 5 2011 Restaurant Opportunities Centers United
The federal tipped minimum wage continues to be atrociously low at $2.13/hour. For twenty years now, tipped workers in the restaurant industry and elsewhere have toiled for a...
Jan 4 2011


Reverend Michelle Freeman Owens, Associate Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Birmingham, AL

Rabbi Jonathan Miller, Rabbi, Temple Emanu-El, Birmingham, AL

Rev. Jon Shannon Webster, Pastor/Head of Staff, First...
Dec 6 2010 National Employment Law Project
See chart with summary of local living wage ordinances and links. Total: 123 as of 12/6/10, not including repealed.
Joe McIndoe
Nov 13 2010 eHow

The federal minimum wage presently stands at $7.25 an hour.

The minimum wage is sometimes a source of controversy, and remains a part of public discourse. The federal government raised the federal minimum...