Let Justice Roll in the News

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Michael Cass
Jun 16 2010 The Tennessean
The Metro Council overwhelmingly approved a $1.52 billion city-operating budget Tuesday that avoids a property tax increase and deep cuts in services, while giving government employees a 2 percent bonus.

The budget also fully funds...
Jun 15 2010 The Tennessean
Critics of the size and reach of government lately may have left the impression that city, state and federal authorities are packing staffs and agencies with well-paid workers, draining the treasuries filled by hard-earned taxpayer dollars.
Brandee A. Thomas
Feb 15 2010 Gainesville Times
On every shift, servers must take sometimes complex food orders, ensure that food reaches its intended destination at the proper temperature and stand on their feet for hours at a time.


Walter C. Jones
Feb 14 2010 Athens Banner Herald

ATLANTA - A coalition of churches and advocates for the poor wants couples to share some of their affection on Valentine's Day with the men and women who serve them their candlelit dinner.

Jane Black
Feb 11 2010 Washington Post
Despite the recession, the restaurant industry is thriving. Many of its workers, however, are not.

A new report from the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United (...

Janette Boulay
Jan 16 2010 Sun Chronicle
Attleboro - Kathleen Wright will take over the reins of the Attleboro Area Council of Churches later this month. She was unanimously elected executive director earlier this month by the board of directors, filling the position held for the past 10...
Holly Sklar
Dec 24 2009 McClatchy Tribune News Service
The Scrooges of Wall Street were surprised a year ago by visits from the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future.

The Ghost of Christmas Past took them back to 1973, when the poverty rate was the lowest on record. The Ghost showed...
Pat Garofalo
Dec 15 2009 The Wonk Room, Think Progress

Back in July, when a scheduled increase in the minimum wage from $6.55 to $7.25 per hour was about to take place, Fox News ran a segment examining how “the hike will hurt...

Nathan Newman
Dec 14 2009 Progressive States Network
The problem of wage law violations and flat-out theft...